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Table 2 DAS-ELISA reactions of various antisera raised against different plant nucleorhabdoviruses and limited host range study

From: Characterisation of a novel nucleorhabdovirus infecting alfalfa (Medicago sativa)

Host species Inoculated virus Antisera
AaNV (JKI-1607) EMDV (JKI-1073) PhCMoV (JKI-2051)
N. benthamiana AaNV +++a
P. sativum AaNV + NT b NT
V. faba AaNV + NT NT
M. sativa AaNV NT NT
M. lupulina AaNV NT NT
T. repens AaNV NT NT
T. pratense AaNV NT NT
C. quinoa AaNV NT NT
N. benthamiana EMDV +++
N. benthamiana PhCMoV +++
N. benthamiana Non-inoculated
P. sativum Non-inoculated NT NT
V. faba Non-inoculated NT NT
M. sativa Non-inoculated NT NT
  1. aFollowing a substrate incubation for 1 h, DAS-ELISA reactions were classed as follows: negative reaction (−): ≤ cut-off point (= ODA405 0.025); weak reaction (+): cut-off point to 1.0, intermediate reaction (++): 1.0 to 2.0, strong reaction (+++): > 2.0). bNT = not tested