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Figure 3

From: A pandemic strain of calicivirus threatens rabbit industries in the Americas

Figure 3

Epitope profile of the first U.S. outbreak isolate RHDV IA-00. The RHDV IA-00 isolate was subtyped by antigen capture ELISA using a panel of monoclonal antibodies. Previous studies and communication from Lorenzo Capucci [35] have determined that monoclonal antibodies 1H8, 2A10, and 1H3 recognize the original serotype of RHDV while antibodies 3D4, 3B12, 2E1, 3D6, and 5D11 recognize RHDVa-specific epitopes. Additional monoclonal antibodies used (6H6, 1F10, 3H6, 6F9, 2B4, and 2G3) were not subtype-specific. The IA-00 isolate (black bars) correlated in antibody recognition profile to a prototype RHDVa strain, Pavia 1997 (grey bars). The Brescia 1989 strain (stippled bars) was used as an original RHDV serotype virus control. Normal liver from an uninfected rabbit served as a negative control (white bars).

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